Celebrating Life

"Life is honestly like ...," said an employee of mine a few years ago. The sentence can not I write as a whole because it is a sentence that contains rough aspersion, containing anger and resentment.Joy and sorrowHe also thinks that all the positive smell which he had read, he heard, and he is doing is an action that inevitably must be made, because actually someone afraid to see that it's real life, is far from pleasant. "We wrap the hard life as a gift. Choosing wrap exciting, beautiful, and beautiful for a content that is painful. "Why suddenly in a morning I remembered the words of my employees? I was watching a movie on television shows. In one scene, a man expressing his opinion in order that people celebrate life, not just life.The verb celebrate used to show a positive activity, that brings a sense of joy, happy, fun, whatever the cause of the excitement, whether in the public or private nature.Example. Celebrating a birthday, celebrating the rise in class, position, celebrate weddings, celebrating liberation from prison, freed of corruption charges, free from the deadly disease, a country celebrating independence day, celebrating a win the tender, or the presidential election.
To my knowledge, regardless of any dictionary or book, nobody says, if it is celebrated with joy over the death of loved ones, even if a person knows that death frees one from an affliction. That is why, in such situations, people say I grieve.I also never read any one of her rape celebrate, celebrate a termination love, especially since the affair although perhaps after some time has passed, they can be thankful freed from the unfaithful spouse.I also never see people rejoice and celebrate the results of medical examination results is end-stage breast cancer, or anyone celebrating that she got more class, removed from employment, either because the company is experiencing difficulties or because of his own mistakes.Laugh and crySo what does it mean to celebrate life? If you only see the word celebrate, and the use of that word, should be celebrated is all incidents which only bring happiness, right?But what is the reality? Life doing it always has two faces. So what should we also celebrate the life that is also able to invite the arrival of disappointment and pain both physical and mental?Had we celebrate the pain, I did suddenly conceivable as being a sexual relationship is classified as sadomasochism. A sexual relationship in which a person enjoys a pain, both physical and mental, others are doing to him.Once I think so, I began to be frightened himself. Is this the real me like he was doing sadomasochism? Well this wonghidup often painful. But whenever it comes painful, my friends always say positive advice."You can learn from this pain, you can take a class with this pain, you can have a new experience, that if you can go through, then you can give strength to those who are experiencing it. Enjoyed it, I'll be finished. "So listen to the advice of glory, I feel no difference with those celebrating a pain as pleasure. If then it is classified as a sexual relationship that do not fit, then I am to be asked. Is it fair painful life, just because I can grade it? What more could a sentence that is wrapping class that makes it look a little pain "beautiful"?I got to thinking, so correct me if I'm on the staff had honestly think that life is painful and frankly as I did not want to hurt people. Therefore, I find a solution that reduces pain, and always strives to provide the antidote in the form of sentences, thoughts, and positive action.So what does it celebrate life, then? Does that mean my worth celebrating, which has the ability to wrap gifts beautifully, through positive thinking to a heart-wrenching scene, which was disappointing, which devastated?Or celebrate life, it would be to celebrate the courage to face the situation, and did not give the reason, without always trying to find an antidote. So perhaps, celebrate the life was celebrated ability to laugh and cry with no frills at the back.

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